Top 10 Best Social Trading Networks 2020 – Mind Capital

The programmers and the early mathematician have figured out how obvious it is to start earning with the crypto exchanges. Similar observation can be seen with this mind capital company.

Currently in Spain there is an arbsitar companies that trades in Spain, and the Mind capital does not have any obvious similiarity. The trading company is the mind capital and the head office is located in Madrid. The Mind Capital Company is led by a man who has gained so much popularity in Spain due to the fact that he has proven to be versatile and touched different aspect in the industry, more importantly the forex and the cryptocurrency he is into.


As of now, they have been trailing their 5 system for the last 3 months, and they have been having impressive result so far. As things stands, they have now made the decision to go far as they have started their official start in December 2019.

In the reviews that we make, we have always tried as much as possible to lay emphasis on the founders, transparency and the likes. There are lots of things to figure out about the CEO of the Mind Capital. You can just go on the internet and figure out some amazing facts about him. There are so many sources that refer to the man as a legend, being a multi-talented and goal-driven septuagenarian. He is a director, writer and a producer. The man has won millions in the Spanish casino and he has given the same system and Legacy to his son.

The Platform is patterned in such a way that the members are the ones that enjoys 65% of the profit made by the company and the remaining 35% goes for the maintenance of the platform. There is a GROSS percentage on the platform


What conditions does MindCapital have?

  • The minimum and the maximum contribution ranges from $40 to $100,000
  • The returns on the payments are made on daily on the weekdays.
  • The returns made can be withdrawn to an external wallet
  • Players will be able to withdraw the contribution they have made after 90 days
  • Provision is not made for any initial capital and the withdrawal can be made after 90 days
  • No commission will be charged when you make withdrawal
  • The moment you are able to reach like $100, a compound interest will be generated for you

The company has ensured the combination of transparency and profitability. Gonzalo is the kind of person that really likes the blockchain and the transparency when it comes to verification are part of what really entices him

Looking at the history of their operations, there are some instances in which people have carried out a successful and profitable trade. They buy Bitcoin for Euro at a particular point and they are going to sell them using the Great Britain Pounds gaining up to €84.5. There are variations in the prizes as there are lots of exchange, the prices may be a higher and lower in some places. The thing is that when you sell high, you are actually making a profit a profit on the difference in the games. So looking at this in the broad sense, it is mainly about cryptocurrency and forex.


In most cases, they are actually buying in the United States dollars, and the Bitcoin is being sold in one of those currencies. There are lots of things to their business. The company do ensure a ZOOM CALL is done twice in a month for the proper explanation about the concept.

Now let us make the summary of what their product is exactly about, the minimum amount of contribution that can be made s $40 and the capital is always locked up within the period of 90 days. With this, the capital cannot be gotten back until the end of 90 days. The mind capital pays from Monday to Friday and reasonable percentage of the money goes to the members.

The company are really making a higher profit, and they have been in the prelaunch since the first of October. The only way through which people can deposit is the usage of Bitcoin, but then some other ways have been made available such as the Mastercard and Visa. $50 is the minimum withdrawal that can be made in a day, it is made almost instantly and there is no need for you to wait unnecessarily.

They are actually planning to change the model to a private club as Lopez has rightly said that they will be reaching 10,000 BTC soon. The implications of this is that they may not be able to accommodate new people, but then there are also some positive perspective to this. Some business analysis have been carried out.

This can as well be pointing to the fact that this guy’s understands what they are doing in the real sense. They are not developers who don’t have great business acumen, bujt then they are very particular about what constitutes a better business.

Overall the event that was launched in January 11th is actually a great demonstration of a business that has a lot of transparency.

Summing Up the Verdict

In summing up the verdict regarding the Mind Capital Platform, let us start with the cons of the establishment. The 90 days lock-in-period is kind of discouraging, as there are some other platforms that don’t have make use of this idea at all as member will have instant access to any of their capital raised. When it comes to cryptocurrency, anything can happen as the market is highly volatile. The withdrawal process is another factor that is not encouraging as the minimum amount that you can withdraw is $50, it should have been more flexible than this.

The company made a promise in January that they are going to ensure full transparency and accountability. With this, feel free to open an account and check out the transaction by yourself. The trading evidence is yet to be seen, but then let’s still hope they deliver as they have claimed.

The CEO is quite transparent in his doings as he has allowed the public integration of the blockchain into their company’s website, with this people can nowb trace any if the transactions that they have been performing so far.

The CEO has done so many things in his life, now a Septuagenarian living an amazing life. To some reasonable extent, we can say the Gonzales idea and business is legit has the man has built a strong reputation over the years with his various popular activities.

The fact that there is 18% net profit on monthly basis is also something that we can applaud, the percentage on the investment that you have made. Individual members will be able to get 50% of the amount they invested in the period of three months. Also they have a sustainable commission policy.

Many of the new companies have always made the mistake of paying out a big referral commission to the members, this is not a sustainable way of getting things done and the system may even collapse if care is not taken.s

How to get Started


There is every possibility that you might have been looking for the trading network, but you just don’t know the particular one that you can go for out of all the available possibilities.

Many social trading sites are available out there, and the number continues to grow day by day. In this review, we have made provision for the social trading platforms, and we added some details such that you will clearly understand how things work out.

How to trade like a professional

Having gone through the best Social Trading sites, this is the exact time in which you should look for how you can get things done. Try and visit the Etoro, it is actually a site that will give you all that is need to ensure things are done in the proper way and you will be able to trade like a pro.

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