What is drawdown in Forex Trading

drawdown in Forex TradingAn overview of Drawdown in Forex Trading in relation to Capital

A brief analysis covering an overview of Drawdown in Forex Trading, how its affects a trader’s Capital, impacts on trades, Excess Leverage, the use of stop-loss mechanism to control losses & trading responsibly

An overview of Drawdown in Forex Trading in relation to Capital


As regards FX market, drawdown implies variations between a maximum reach in a trader’s account balance & subsequent least amount of the account remainder. The differences in the balance show the amount lost in the capital as a result of failed trade attempts.

As a trader lost funds in placed trades, then drawdown comes in place. For instance, a trader’s account commences with a capital of $200,000, after some unfavorable trades, the balance bounces to $185,000. The trading account thereby undergoes a drawdown value of $15,000.

About Drawdown

Drawdowns imply the possible tolerability of the trade through the long term. An intense drawdown thereby places a trader to an unsustainable position.

For example, A trader that bears 50% drawdown secures a big & great task in future since such individual needs 100% return over his / her lowered capital bets primarily to recover expense on the minimized capital state.

Majority of traders gets overjoyed with roughly 20% gains each year. Presumably, each time an individual experiences drawdown requires him/her to exercise right risk-control actions & to modify the trades as contrary in attempt to intensely trade towards BEP.

Commonly, a trader’s authoritative approach to recover expense tends to yield a contrary outcome, because he/she might probably be overemotional, with the leverage & excess-trading to revive the trading account to standard.

Excess Leverage

As a trader, while you adopt excess leverage, a single loss can pose enormous devastating implications. Traders might be excessively forceful or overconfident, & often results in a great losings or reluctance to heed lost trading.

Stop-loss mechanism

Among the essential & beneficial hints to arrange a fixed stop-loss point ahead of placing the trade, which curtails the extent of drawdown. Try as much as possible to prevent setting the basis of your trade on sensitiveness &, instead, concentrate towards tactics subject to risk-control by leaving trades which you perceive might leads to a significant loss.

While you get through these guides, then you can gain the confidence to some extent, since the stop-loss controls the limit.

So many traders carry on with an error of leaving a trade since it’s already at a loss, probably if the market can later be in their favor, this is wrong, never subject your trade to emotions/mood, rather tactics, to make the most of the forex market.


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